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NPO “Himuka Impressive Experience World”

“Himuka Impressive Experience World” is a NPO consisting of human resources professionals who are able to support visitors to experience true excitement in various fields. For this, the NPO is taking advantage of the outstanding mountains, rivers and the sea in Nobeoka, which are evaluated as No.1 in Kyushu. In February 2010, the “Nobeoka Impressive Experience Guides Liaison Council” was established to promote cooperation, information exchange and communication between guides, to define rules to protect their work fields, and to try to develop environmental preservation activities and regional tourism. This council was later reorganized as “NPO Himuka Impressive Experience World” in September, 2012, deploying various activities by specialists of the mountains, rivers and sea.
※ ”Nobe☆Star” is a nickname for guides belonging to the “NPO Himuka Impressive Experience World.”
It originates from the idea that stars in Nobeoka guide visitors in Nobeoka.
“Himuka” is an ancient name for the area around Nobeoka.

Safety is ensured even in the case of unexpected problems!

All tours by Nobe☆Star sufficiently consider security measures in case of unexpected problems. Thus, all guides are obliged to bring AED (automated external defibrillator) to each activity site as well as to have taken first aid training.

Participate empty-handed!

Nobe☆Star may prepare the required equipment such as helmets and life jackets for each program.
Thus, you can trust Nobe☆Star and even participate spontaneously and arrive empty-handed.
Please visit Nobeoka and participate!

Let us take care of everything and enjoy your outdoor experiences in the Himuka area!

Please make an inquiry to “Himuka Impressive Experience World” regarding participation in the various programs and for details. Dedicated staff members are ready to respond in English. Each menu may be arranged according to visitor’s request. Please feel free to contact us.

NPO Himuka Impressive Experience World
〒882-0813/ Nobeoka City Citizen Cooperative Machizukuri Center
131-5 Higashihonkouji, Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan
Phone No.: 0982-29-3835/ FAX No.: 0982-29-3835/ E-mail address: nobesta3835@gmail.com