Easy River Canoeing Experience

rowing down the river

The Kitagawa river and Kogawa river system is known for its extremely clear water. In addition to its transparent water, the area has an aquatic life population that is renowned as some of the best in the nation. While canoeing down the river the stones on the river bottom and see fishes such as ayu (sweetfish) or carp are visible swimming in groups away from the canoes. Starting in September, you can also enjoy diving from rocks along the river or Chinka Bridge, which is designed to be underwater during floods! This activity will take place at Houri River, a clear stream similar to the Kitagawa River.


Paddle down the river with us!

Target Age (Canadian Canoe) Ages 2 or older,
(Kayak) Ages 7 or older
Required Time 2.5 to 3 hours
Period of Operation April to September, or April to August for groups
Number of Possible Participants 3 to 40 participants (Please contact us even in the event that the required number of people is not reached.)
Fee 8,000 yen〜
Meeting Spot To be announced
Conditions for Cancellation Subject to cancellation in the event of heavy rain (More than 2 millimeters per hour)
Items to Prepare Shoes that can get wet (e.g. sports sandals)
(Flip-flops and similar shoes are not permitted)
Swimwear, change of clothes, sunscreen, fleece jacket, cap, towel