Houri River Mountain Stream Fishing

Houri River

Try catching yamame and rainbow trout at Houri River gorge in Nobeoka City. Expect to fight fish more than three feet long!


In the northern part of Miyazaki Prefecture, there are good spots for mountain stream fishing in several areas. You can enjoy different types of fishing.

Target Age High school students or older
Required Time 7 to 8 hours
Period of Operation March to September
Number of Possible Participants 1 participant~
Fee 1 participant : 10,000 yen
2 participants : 16,000 yen
3 participants : 18,000 yen
(Fishing admission ticket not included)
Meeting Spot Houri River “Bijin No Yu”
Conditions for Cancellation Subject to cancellation in case of heavy rain
(More than 2 millimeters per hour)
Items to Prepare Mountain stream fishing equipment