Try high quality Japanese catered BBQ

Nobe Star will be in charge of all preparations, including ingredients and necessary instruments, as well as cleaning afterwards.


Try Miyazaki Beef at a beautiful location!

Many food products from the Nobeoka City area count as countrywide “top-level” products, including Miyazaki beef, which won first prize in the National Competetive Exhibition of Wagyu for two years consecutively, as well as Hideji Beer that won the W Gold Prize in two major domestic craft beer competitions. Further, Gokase River has a national top rank concerning its water quality and the largest habitat of Osuribachi coral in Japan can also be found in Nobeoka.

Fee: 4,400 yen/person (tax included)
※ 4,000 yen when booked with one of the tours.
※ min. 4 persons

★Details about the BBQ set: Miyazaki beef galbi (A4 grade), Miyazaki brand pork, Miyazaki chicken, sausages, grilled rice balls, various vegetables, in aluminum foil cooked shiitake, soft drinks, plates and tools, including BBQ grill and coals ★Optional: Miyazaki Hideji Beer Taiyo no Lager (“Sun Lager”), 10 Liter draft barrel for 10,000 yen (tax included) or 550 yen/bottle (tax included)