We recognize “FootPaths” as beautiful roads that lead through forests,
green fields, and old, rural towns that let you enjoy untouched scenery while walking.
“Nobe Star” recommends 8 different paths in Nobeoka City.

Kamishishi River Area Course

Distance: About 4.5 km; Time required: 90 min

Step into a hidden paradise!
The Kamishishigawa Area is located at the base of the Sobo-Katamuki mountain area, 400 to 800 meters above sea level. Walk around the small village area, surrounded by mountains with an altitude of around 1000 meters and admire the beautiful canyon with monoliths and a clear stream. Spring and early summer are the best seasons to enjoy the green forest and in the fall you can enjoy the red autumn leaves.

Soki Course

Distance: 4.8 km; Time required: 90 min

Take a stroll along an ancient road in this rural town!
This town used to be a postal station along the Hyuga Oukan Road, once known as a traffic hub. Take a stroll in this rural area around Kitakata Town, visit ancient burial mounds, shrines, and the Jigen Zenji Temple. In the annex of this temple is an exhibition about Inko Zenshi, a monk loyal to the emperor who planned to overthrow the Tokugawa Shogunate and reform Japan in the Bakumatsu period (1853~1867).

Houri River Course

Distance: About 4.3 km; Time required: 90 min

This road is a hidden gem with scenery that will soothe your soul.
Start at the Houri River Onsen Bijin No Yu and walk through one of Kyushu’s last almost unexplored areas, surrounded by beautiful mountains, such as Mt. Okue, and mysteriousely shaped rocks. The beautiful canyon, made of granite monoliths and a clear stream from Mt. Okue provides spectacular scenery. You can include Mt. Kamisan, known as a “spiritual power spot” in your tour!

Eda Wetland Course

Distance: About 4.8 km; Time required: 100 min

A reservoir of rare animals and plants!
Stroll around Eda Wetland which has been chosen as one of 500 important wetlands in Japan. The area has significant academic value, being the home of more than 50 endangered animal and plant species. You can even visit a Shakuhachi waterpipe, which is a historical artefact created by ancestors for farming at an irrigation pond.

Houri course

Distance: About 7.4 km; Time required: 130 min

A clear stream, stone towers, and stories of a poet!
This is a healing course that leads you through a rural area. Find “Koshin” stone towers scattered around the area, Chinka Bridge, and a stone dedicated to Shuzo Watanabe, a local poet who was an important poet after World War 2, while listening to the sounds of the Houri River and singing birds.

Futatsushima Course

Distance: About 4.5 km; Time required: 90 min

Visit a peaceful rural area and a riverside forest.
This easy course starts at “River Pal Gokase River” and leads through the village area of Futatsushima, consisting of the Terashima and Koishima area. You can experience the rich ecology of Tomouchi River, known for its tideland and riverside forest. In this area, endangered flower species, such as the Hamabo Hibiscus (“hardly yellow hibiscus”) can be observed.

Urban area course

Distance: About 4 to 6.2 km; Time required: 70to120 min

Enjoy an old castle town along rivers.
The urban area of Nobeoka used to be a castle town in the Nobeoka domain. The center of this area is located between the Gokase and the Ose River. The course starts at Nobeoka Station and leads to a temple area and shopping streets around Mt. Imayama, where Japans largest statue of Kobo Daishi is located, as well as the Kawanaka district, where you can find traces of the old castle town.

Shimanoura course

Distance: About 5 to 8.3 km; Time required: 120 to 210 min

Take a stroll on an isolated island.
A high-speed ferry will take you from Nobeoka’s Urashiro Port to Shimanoura Island in 10 minutes. Since old times, people have been fishing around Shimanoura Island that it was even once called the “Island of Dancing Sardines.” Walk around an old labyrinth-like village, enjoy the spectacular scenery from Mount Tonba, and visit 33 Kanon statues. Many cats will welcome you on the Island and maybe even heal your spirit!

Special plan
¥6,000/person (Tour guide, Japanese BBQ, and insurance fee is included)
Optimal for those who hope to enjoy gourmet foods while experiencing the region!!
Regular plan
¥10,000/group (up to 8 participants) (our guide, café visit, and insurance fee is included)

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