Mt. Hokodake, Mt. Daki, and Mt. Hiei Mountain Climbing Tour

Experience the beautiful mountains surrounding Mt. Okue, which has been registered as a UNESCO Ecopark. Mt. Hiei (760 m) is well known as an excellent place for rock climbing and fantastic scenery. Climb up through a narrow gap between huge rocks to reach the top of Karankoron Rock, for an especially beautiful view. Other mountains in this area are Mt. Daki, (1,420 m) with beautiful azaleas spreading over its ridge and Mt. Hokodake (1,277 m) with a pair of breathtaking rising crags.


Join us on the mountain!

Target Age Ages 9 or older
Required Time 8 to 10 hours
Period of Operation Between April and November
Number of Possible Participants 2 to 5 participants
Fee 20,000 yen ~ (groups of 2 to 5 participants)
Meeting Spot Mt. Hiei: Mt. Hiei parking lot,
Mt. Daki: Kamishishigawa Kagura Building(Kagura-kan),
Mt. Hokodake: Shishigawa Camp parking lot
Conditions for Cancellation Cancelled only in the event of heavy rain.
Items to Prepare Clothes and shoes suitable for hiking (long sleeves and long pants),towel, gloves, cap or hat, rain gear, headlamp, drinks and snacks(Lunch box orders possible).