Sea Kayak Activity

With islands such as Shimanoura and Takashima, as well as scattered large and small reefs, Hyuga Coast is also known as “Hyuga Matsushima”. Paddle a sea kayak in this area while admiring the superb view, pass through a sea cave, and enjoy a tasty lunch on an island or at the beach.

Sea kayak1

Enjoy kayaking in the “Hyuga Matsushima” area.

Target Age Ages 12 or older
Required Time 2 hours
Period of Operation October to June
Number of Possible Participants 2 to 10 participants
Fee 6,500 yen
Meeting Spot JR Nobeoka Station
Conditions for Cancellation May be cancelled depending on the condition of the sea.
Items to Prepare Drinks, food, sun protection (sunscreen, etc.)