Try out rock climbing at a bouldering gym!

bouldering gym

The Hattori Bouldering Gym is located on Kitakoji Road in Nobeoka City. It is a private gym equipped with an indoor bouldering wall. Try indoor bouldering with the advice and guidance from a rock climbing specialist!


You can be a boulderer too!

Target Age Ages 6 or older
Required Time Half a day (during daytime)
Period of Operation Throughout the year
Number of Possible Participants 2 to 10 participants
Fee 2,500 yen ~
(per person, rental fee for bouldering shoes included)
Meeting Spot Hattori Gym, Nobeoka City, Kitakoji Area (along route 218)
Conditions for Cancellation Inside experience, no cancellation in case of rain.
Items to Prepare Clothes and shoes suitable for bouldering, drinks, change of clothes.