Nobeoka “Satoyama” Cycling

Five different courses for anyone from beginners to experienced riders have been set up as Nobeoka “Satoyama” Cycling courses. Choose a course and enjoy cycling surrounded by Kyushu’s beautiful rivers, mountains, and the sea. You can enjoy the courses in all seasons around the year.

There are five courses to choose from!

Futatsushima Course

5.6km, approximately 1.30h
Start at the Gokase River Pal and cycle in the area between Kitagawa and Tomouchi River!

Kitakata Hayahito Course

9.3km, approximately 3 hours
Start at the roadside stop “Kitakata Yocchimiroya” and cycle along forest roads in the countryside.

Kitakata Soki Course

7,6km, approximately 2 hours
This course leads along the old Hyuga Oukan Road through the countryside of Kitakata area.

Kitaura Course

8km, approximately 2 hours
Enjoy the beautiful sea at Kitaura Bay while cycling around.

Kitagawa Course

13.5km, approximately 4 hours
Enjoy gazing at the clear stream of Kitagawa River and find ruins of the Seinan War, while cycling through the wetland.