Mt. Okue Mountain Climbing Tour

Mt. Okue

Surrounded by unspoiled forests, Mount Okue (1644m), with its group of magnificent granite mountain crags (called wakutsuka, chibusaiwa and kozumi-daki) rising to the sky, is often said to be as beautiful as a world heritage site. Expect to be overwhelmed!


Accept the challenge and climb a mountain as
beautiful as a World Heritage Site.


Target Age Ages 12 or older
Required Time 8 to 10 hours
Period of Operation Between spring and fall
Number of Possible Participants 2 to 5 participants
Fee 1 participant : 18,000 yen
2 participants : 20,000 yen
3 participants : 24,000 yen
4 participants : 28,000 yen
5 participants : 30,000 yen
(over 6 participants : 5,000yen×per parson)
Meeting Spot Rest house “okue no chaya”, Houri River Hot Spring “bijin no yu”
Conditions for Cancellation May be cancelled or changed to hiking in the forest in the event of rain
Items to Prepare Clothes and shoes suitable for hiking, rain gear, headlamp,
food and drinks (Lunch box orders possible).