Nobeoka “Cure” Road

Certificated as a “Health Resort Walking Course”

Improve your health while walking around Nobeoka ― City of Health & Longevity.

Cure Road (“Kur” Road)

This walking course was inspired by the German standard of using the therapeutic climate of places for treatment, which is usually found in German health resorts. In Germany, these places are called “Kurort,” which literally means “cure place.” The slope, surface and safety of this “Cure Road” have been improved to match the Japanese environment and climate, and the course was certified by the Japan Kurort Laboratory, Inc.

Kanadoga Pond Course 1.79km

A placed loved by the residents.

Stroll around Kanadoga Pond, which is located in the Nishishina General Athletic Park, a place valued by the nearby residents. The natural path goes up and down and leads to an observation deck, which offers a superb view of the urban area.

Sumie Course 2.53km

Enjoy both the sea and the mountains!

Walk through the Beach Forest Sumie, a forest recreation facility, and along the coast of Sumie Beach. This beach is recognized as one of the Top 100 swimming beaches in Japan!

Recommended for people who want to think about their health while walking.